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Best Digital Audio-Video Baby Monitors

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Baby Monitor and Alarm systems

Whether you want a top digital baby monitor, you need a baby monitor that has clear sound, video quality and the convenience features that fit your request. The following baby monitors have a good reputation for quality, pack a variety of features and come in a range of prices, so there's a superb and good quality for low cost video-audio baby monitors.

1. - Baby Monitor Kit with 7" LCD display and 2.4GHz Wireless Night Vision 2pcs Cameras

Best Baby Monitor Kit with 2 camerasIs one of the best baby monitors available today! The best safety wireless baby monitor set, comes with a high quality receiver with ultra-large 7.0 inch screen and 2 Wireless Night Vision Cameras. This wireless receiver displays the received image signal on the 7" LCD screen with good audio quality.

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2. - Wireless Night Vision Camera and Portable Baby Monitor with 3.5" LCD display

Top Baby Monitor Kit ProfessionalThis portable wireless camera voice control for baby monitoring adopts the latest technology, and provides clear reception and give you some peace of mind when your little one sleeps and you plan on other activities. Using this baby monitor, you can easily monitor the movements of your babies all the time when not in the same room. With its compact design, you can take it anywhere conveniently.

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2. - Cute Bear Toy with Wireless CCD Camera and Portable Baby Monitor, 2.5" LCD display

Top Baby Monitor Kit ProfessionalThis Cute Bear Wireless CCD Camera is a portable 2.5" LCD Baby Monitor! Provide additional eyes and ears to guarantee the safety of the small one. This Cute Bear gives you the freedom to watch TV, listen to music, do household chores, exercise, entertain guests, or sleep with the assurance that you'll always know when your baby needs you. This Baby Monitor also include IR lights and a temperature sensor to make sure your baby's room is completely safe and healthy, features designed specifically with you and your baby's needs in mind.

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