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Best DSLR Cameras Top 10 - 2011 on Digital Cameras!

Great image quality and decent features at affordable prices. Review, compare and buy best digital slr cameras at lowest price!

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1.Canon EOS Rebel T3i The Canon EOS Rebel T3i, with an 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS optional kit lens, is a complete picture-taking and movie making machine. 2.Sony Alpha SLT-A55 Sony's first translucent-mirror camera offers impressive continuous-auto focus capabilities, an amazing burst mode, and excellent image quality to go with its smaller size. The major trade-off: no through-the-lens optical viewfinder. 3.Sony Alpha DSLR-A580 If you want video capability, the A580 has it--but as with all SLRs, you should be aware of the limitations before you commit to this camera for its video functions. The Alpha A580 is, first and foremost, a great still camera. 4.Nikon D5100 DSLR The latest addition to Nikon’s expansive DSLR line, the 16-megapixel D5100 fits neatly between the entry-level D3100 and the more sophisticated D7000. 5.Canon EOS Rebel T2i Canon's incremental refinements to this Rebel add up to both improved image quality and movie recording that is a notable step forward. 6.Nikon D3000 As a first investment in a digital SLR, the D3000 is a good choice for consumers looking for an affordable, reliable, well-constructed camera that produces consistently good results under everyday conditions. 7.Olympus E-600/E-620 With the E-600, you’re getting a mid-range model at an entry-level price. The kit has two lenses, which makes it an even better deal. 8.Pentax K-x The K-x is a beginner-friendly SLR featuring most of the latest must-haves (and a very good choice for anyone wanting to shoot video), but the lack of a rechargeable battery is a pain. 9.Nikon D3100 The D3100 is an entry-level DSLR on the higher end of that category's price range. However, it has a great set of features for beginning photographers, and decent image quality. 10.Pentax K-r If you're looking for a small, lightweight, inexpensive starter DSLR, then the Pentax K-r is a great choice, thanks to its image quality and huge array of features.

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